Our History
Flint Hill's history began in 1914 when a small group of people decided to organize prayer meeting to study God's Word and praise Him for His goodness. As time continued, the little prayer group continued to grow and eventually moved to the Flint Hill Community.  They met in the home of Will Black which was located just off Frank Street behind the former church building.
The small group met on a regular basis and began to see a need for a church building to worship God.  The first church was constructed in 1922 on Frank Street.  That first congregation was known as the First Baptist Church of Flint Hill.  The Reverend Stokes served as the first pastor.  The first deacon was Will Black.  The first trustees were Bob White and Jim Nelson.  L. C. McCullough was the first church clerk and choir leader. The small congregation continued to worship in the structure until the late 1920's when the building was remodeled and enlarged.  Worship services were held there for more than 50 years.  It was a place where members sought the Lord, confessed their sins, were baptized, received holy communion and many were married.
The building which was eventually called Flint Hill Baptist Church, was renovated many times.  In 1940, a brick veneer and education department were added.  In the late 1960's and the early 1970's, additional remodeling was done including installation of wall-to-wall carpeting.
A significant part of Flint Hill's history occurred on Sunday, November 24th. 1978 at 4:00 a.m. when the Frank Street church building was destroyed by fire.  Many people thought that this was the end of us as a congregation.  But with God's help, the Church continued meeting at the Ralph W. McGuirt Auditorium on Crawford Road.  Sunday School, Worship Service, and Training Union were held at the auditorium for 75 Sundays from November 29th. 1978 to April 27th. 1980. On Sunday, May 4th. 1980, a group of people left the McGuirt Auditorium for a ribbon cutting ceremony to enter our new Christian Training Center which had been built on Flint Hill Street.  Barber Knightner, Sunday School Superintendent, cut the ribbon and our first worship service was held at the present site.
From 1980-1985 our worship service was held in the Christian Training Center.  It was not until October 1985 that we were able to worship in our present sanctuary.  It took a lot of planning, demanding work, and prayer to bring us to this present point in our history.  We realize that is has been a blessing from our Heavenly Father.  He has blessed and continues to bless the Flint Hill Church Family in so many, many ways.

During its history, Flint Hill has had several pastors to lead its growing congregation.  These pastors include Rev. Stokes, Rev. J. S. Reid, Rev. J. C. Clark, Rev. D. C. Barber, Rev. L. F. Sanders, Rev. M. C. Moore, Rev. J. R. Ezell, Rev. W. Banks White, Rev. R. R. Pendleton Sr., Rev. D. L. Brunswick, Rev. C. C. Maddox. The congregation, on October 29, 2016, elected Rev. Christopher E. Harris, Ed.D. as its 12th Senior Pastor. 

The future is bright for Flint Hill as we seek to enhance the Kingdom of God in our church family, community and the entire world.